Understanding the importance of finding the right compliance solution, ComplianceCrest offers a tailored pricing structure to fit the unique needs of your business, backed by the confidence of a free trial.


Custom Pricing for Custom Needs

Our approach to pricing is as individualised as our AI-driven compliance tools. We cater to a diverse range of financial institutions, from agile fintech startups to established banking giants, providing scalable solutions that grow with your business.


Transparent and Predictable Costs

We believe in transparency and predictability when it comes to costs. With ComplianceCrest, you can expect no hidden fees, just a clear value proposition that aligns with your company’s compliance demands.


Experience ComplianceCrest with a Free Trial

We’re confident in the value our suite of compliance solutions can bring to your operations. That’s why we offer a free trial, giving you the opportunity to experience firsthand how our AI Copilots, ResponseEdge, and OraclePro can transform your AML compliance process.


Connect with Our Sales Team for a Custom Quote

Embark on your compliance journey with ComplianceCrest by your side. Reach out to our sales team today for a tailored quote and take the first step with a no-obligation free trial.


Let’s discuss your needs and how our solutions can address them. Discover the perfect pricing plan for your organisation and start your free trial with ComplianceCrest.


Enhance your AML compliance with intelligent solutions and a partnership that values your success.

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Give your team superpowers, boosting efficiency by 80% and providing real-time insights to stakeholders.

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ComplianceCrest supercharges compliance, risk and fraud teams, cutting costs by up to 80% and providing real-time insights to stakeholders and decision makers.

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